Periodontics: Preserving the Foundation of Your Smile

The Vital Role of Periodontal Health

At Traverse Mountain Family Dental & Orthodontics, we recognize that a radiant smile is more than just healthy teeth. The gums and bone that support them play a pivotal role in overall oral well-being. While gum disease is prevalent, our experienced team is adept at addressing all facets of periodontal concerns.

Dental Care

Periodontal Disease

What is it?

The initial stage marked by slight gum inflammation. Gums may appear reddened, swollen, and bleed during oral care routines.

Ignoring gingivitis can escalate to this stage, where bacteria infiltrate deeper tissue pockets, potentially causing tooth and bone loss. 

Alarmingly, nearly half of American adults over 30 grapple with some form of gum disease. As the top cause of adult tooth loss, early intervention is vital. For trusted gum care, connect with us today!

Signs of Gum Disease

Stay vigilant for the onset of gum disease, particularly if you notice:

Our commitment is to restoring and maintaining your periodontal health. Many patients find relief through non-invasive gum disease treatments. A thorough deep cleaning might be all you require to reclaim oral health. For trusted periodontal care in Lehi, UT, connect with us today!